Sunday, September 23, 2007

Holy Cow! ... and I mean that.

James just cooked me the best steak dinner... EVER!
I feel he deserves a review...

Upon entering "Jimmy James Jesterton's Steak House," one is immediately struck by the sense of humor held by the head chef and his adoring girlfriend. The front rooms pay a loving homage to the couple's past and current lives as "Riot Grrl and Computer Boy" with large comic book posters, full-size video arcade MAME Machine and other kitschy accouterments; but it is the kitchen where the magic took place tonight.

Chef "Jimmy James" dazzled this reviewer with what had to be "The best damn steak... EVER" - a one-and-a-half-inch thick rib-eye testament as to why some humans will NEVER be able to go vegetarian, no matter how much they think they'd like to...

Tonight's creation was accented by the addition of an "Espresso Steak Rub" the couple purchased at Old Florida Spice Traders in St. Augustine. Chef Jimmy James coated the steaks in this delicious blend of fresh spices (including ground espresso beans) and let it stand to bring the meat up to room temperature before grilling to perfection along with two perfectly salted, Jacket potatoes and fresh steamed broccoli.

The perfect punctuation to this particularly penultimate repast was the addition of a bottle of 1997 Clos du Bois Merlot that Chef Jimmy James so lovingly pulled from his private wine collection:

Yeppy! I found this at the Winn Dixie of all places! It was in the very back and it had a layer of dust so thick on the top that I could peel it off the top in one piece... it even retained the impressions from the seal!
This just serves this author's belief that one does not need to take sommelier classes in order to find a good wine... all you need is patience and a Winn Dixie... ;D

The next portion of the evening is actually a blur to this author (as I continue to sip my deliciously aged Merlot) all I seem to recall is the continuous chorus of, "No Talking... eating!!" as the chef and I giggled our way through our meal - Marveling at the smooth yet spicy espresso charred outside and tender, juicy inside of our perfectly grilled steak.

In summation - As a carnivore, I like to punctuate my fondness for the severely occasional steak James and I enjoy with the statement, "It's not the cow's fault that he was born delicious!" However, this time I think that it's actually James' fault.

My grade: DEAD MAN WALKING!!! - If this were my last meal on this earth, you may take me away now.

Saturday, September 1, 2007


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Not a big cat fan but this just cracks me up!!!! :D