Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Drivetime Haikus

20 miles from home:

Work sucked ass today.
Archipelago mindsets
Never get you far.
18 miles from home:
No wait at the turn.
No traffic jam at the light.
Optimistic bliss.
16 miles from home:
Up yours white Hundai!
Why cut me off at the toll
and THEN hunt for change?!
9 miles from home:
Expressway Asshat:
If you must drive Forty-five,
use the right-hand lane.
2 miles from home:
Gas light starts to blink
Truck cuts me off near red light,
and doesn't turn right.
Oh Drivetime Haiku,
You saved me from hard jail time!
Road rage is much worse.

Screw it. I'll fill up the gas tank tomorrow. ;D