Friday, June 1, 2007


Heh heh... I've been so busy lately, there's no time to blog. I think I may need to add a Twitter account to my repitoire to get the lil' nagging bits out.
Until then, here's today's "twits" ;)

My house was invaded by gnomes last week...

I wrote a letter to a writer for Wired Magazine today in the hopes that he might be interested in penning an article on the movement to save the TV Show Jericho. He probably thinks I'm "Nuts." ;)

In light of that last statement, my house ~really~ was invaded by gnomes last week!

My dentist just told me that I grind my teeth. Now I have to wear a totally sexy mouthpiece to bed every night. REOWR! >;)

Why would anyone be interested in reading this crap?

Do Twitter subscribers eventually get pissed off at the influx of daily text messages that say things like, "My cat's breath smells like catfood."

Those Gnomes scared the crap outta me...