Monday, July 2, 2007

Is that a Polished Turd I see before me?

I recently discovered a really cool company called Postreach - Makers of ClickComments, a nifty lil' feature now lovingly attached to my blog. Their premise is simple and genius:

Only 0.1% of readers comment regularly! 5% occasionally comment and 94.9% never comment because they don't want to provide their email address or register.

Clickcomments eliminates these barriers and provides readers a simple and expressive way to respond to your posts...

Clickcomments makes it easy for readers to send you an expressive comment with just one click on an icon. The clickcomment counter gets updated immediately for everyone to see. A reader can give different clickcomments on [one] post...

Needless to say, the only thing ClickComments has really done for me right now is show me that nobody is reading my blog! ... Oh well, that's not their fault.=)

But the one thing that I personally love about ClickComments is their Icon for "Cool Stuff"... Look closely, dear reader, is that a picture of a highly polished turd I see?!

Or is it a picture of the top of a Dairy Queen Soft-serve cone (cool stuff indeed!)
In an effort to uncover the truth, I wrote to the clever folks behind this super fun blog tool and lo and behold... They wrote back!
Thanks to Hans for solving the mystery!!

The 'cool stuff' icon started off as 'hot shit', but a red one could be
interpreted as 'flaming pile of shit'. so we made it 'cool shit' and
tuned it down to be PG-13 with 'cool stuff'.

When we were first covered on a big tech blog many people thought our service was a gag website instead of a real service because of that icon. We wanted to be a bit edgy. However, we never knew that our international adoption would be so big. The 'cool stuff' doesn't translate well as an icon nor linguistically...

Well, Hans, it may not translate too well but as a Professional Turd Polisher - it speaks to me on an oh so personal level. =)

Now... how about that flaming pile of shit button? I'd be sure to get me some comments going if you had that! ;D


Hans said...

Thanks for spreading the word.

We could make the flaming pile of shit icon available like a hidden treasure in a video game that you have to find on the website. Audio would be included.

Lolagrrl said...

(((Jumping up and down, clapping)))

Oooo! YES! That's perfect! :D