Friday, August 3, 2007

Now I've done it....

Crap crap crap crap crap!
I found a new website/game called Trendio and I'm hooked! Basically, you play the stockmarket but you buy and sell keywords! Here... lemme splain via their FAQ:

On the Trendio current events stock exchange, you can buy and sell words. Buying a word is making a bet that this word will be increasingly present in the media: if this is the case then the price will increase and will make the value of your portfolio increase.

The entire world can play for free with one fictitious currency called Trendillion. Therefore, the goal of the Trendio game is to make your portfolio mature, for prestige and to compete with friends or within the framework of a competition where you can win money and prizes.
I don't know about the whole "money & prizes" bit but the idea itself just cracks me up!!! I just made a killing on a one-day speculation on "Donald Rumsfeld!" :D

I'm sorry folks, but I ~NEVER~ thought I'd ever hear myself say "Rumsfeld's up two and a half points! Woo hoo!!"

The interface itself was a little confusing at first (mainly because it's mostly flash-based) and little glitches tend to dump you back out of your account for no reason but the super-nerd in me digs it because of my fascination in SEO and all things webby. Plus, I like the idea that they keep their keyword data mining sources a secret to help disuade cheating... although I can't help but wonder what kind of person would ~want~ to cheat at a fake stock exhange game... prolly the same kind of person who'd punch babies and step on old ladies just to crab a crappy free T-shirt at a radio station sponsored event or something... I mean, who wears those things anyway?

but I digress...

oh... and on a completely different note:
I've decided that the quantum theory that Einstein called, "Spooky Action at a Distance" would make an absolutely awesome band name!
... It's Friday. What more do you want from me? ;D

Here. Read this article instead about an experiment in Quantum Entanglement that is supposed to take place soon. There's something about this that just made me giggle like mad! :D