Wednesday, November 28, 2007

GAH! Get it out!!

My brother John took some time out of his super busy schedule to visit me for Thanksgiving. John is probably the MOST creative person I know. He lives in Las Vegas and works as a graphic designer (although he would be just as successful if he were an actor, singer or musician!)

When asked to describe my bruddah, I usually say, "Take me and multiply me by 1,000." John has as much talent in his little finger as I have in my entire body, which works fine for me cuz I seem to be doing pretty good in my own right. ;D

Anyway, in between stuffing ourselves with turkey goodness, John showed us the latest slew of commercials that he created for Sketchers. This includes a new animated commercial for "Cali Gear" (Sketchers' version of "Crocs" for kids). John created all the Sketchers characters, storyboards and works directly with the animators, and even provides the voices!

Anyway, John got the idea for this latest jingle while driving in his car. Lucky boy. I am a "shower idea person," which means that my range of motion is much more limited when I'm crafting an idea or message. ;D

John explained how the jingle came to him in a flash and he had to pull into a bank parking lot to scribble it down on a deposit envelope lest he forgot. The commercial hasn't aired yet but the first half of it goes like this...

They're Squishable and Squashable!
They're Waterproof and Washable!
They're Cali Gear and I'm a Cali Bear!
He ha!
How do I know this you ask?

I know this because I can't get the flippin' jingle outta my head!!!!
What's worse is that I find myself sing-songing it all day to the "Can-can" song!
I'm ~this~ close to jabbing a pencil in my ear until my brains leak out! ;D

Parents of the world beware! This commercial will be airing soon! Man yourselves with cotton balls to jamb in your ears at a moments notice or suffer my fate!!! ;D

LOL! My brother rules!