Friday, April 18, 2008


Ok... First off, I just realized that all I have been doing lately is posting about Twitter, which made me think of this great cartoon from Gaping Void.

Yeah... That pretty much sums it up over here too.

So, I'm going to try to make this my LAST blog about Twitter... for a lil' while. ;D

The other day, I posted this on Twitter:

How many birds in cages die, thinking the ceiling is the sky?
I received an answer from fellow Twitterpal WmLee and what followed was a day of "Seuessian" rhyming of epic proportions!

Here's the best of it:
How many birds in cages die, thinking the ceiling is the sky?
And if they escape, are their little minds reeling 'cause they're finally in the big room with the huge blue ceiling?
Do they exhaust themselves reaching the top or do they fly and never stop?
Or is having a 'constant' comfort enough to make them stop worrying about up-and-down stuff?
Do they thrill at the thought of catching fresh food or long for the paper on which they once pooed?
Then we digressed into other topics...
@WmLee Whee!! You are awesomely filled with awesomeness!!! We should start a Twitter poetry game! :D

WmLee - Count me In! I'll play when I can. I'll word smith AND work, while dodging The Man! (Heh. This'll be fun!) We need rules?
Me - Rules? Rules!? Rules are for fools.... who sit in their corners whilst staring and drools! lol! I dunno. Let's just go off each other
WmLee - Duty calls, but I'll return / to see what rhymes we can discern!
Me - Take your time! I've got all day to conjure rhymes the Twitter way!
WmLee - My work is not my job, okay? It's just what I do to get some pay. The job, I mean. My work is cool- Best description- my downtime tool.
Me - Of work and pay, I could have more... but people don't get what Turd Polishin's for! =)
WmLee - It's pay that makes my world go fast... while Time bleeds away just like my cash.
Me - I shouldn't really be this poor. After all, it's money and I can always make more!
WmLee - Honestly, most days, I'm not convinced/ My dollar's worth more than 50 cents!
Me - Not long ago it was that way for folks who live in Canada, eh? =)

Me - I'm writing Twitter Poetry w/ @WmLee /and having a hard time... as you can see /not rhyming all replies now. hee hee! (Please! Somebody stop me!)
WmLee - My tweet, so sweet, good enough to eat! And so Twitter did, and didn't gag upon the feat! (Okay, stop ME, too!)
Me - I need to know if it's just me or do you now want to rhyme everything you see?
WmLee - Egads! I Do! A Seussian prob! Do you think his will adversely affect my job?
We went on for a little while longer but I think I've made my point. Twitter is more than a "Micro Blog." It's more than a SocNet too. Some people complain that Twitter is too "noisy" (no offense Barry!!) or feel a need for rules (offense intended... douchebag) but those are the people that just don't get it yet or never will. It's a resource, a web tool, a way to find interesting people and things, a way to get news, a way to converse with complete strangers and not have to be involved in the minutia of everyday life yet still be immersed. It's a community and it's definitely NOT a community. =) ... Nuff said... for now. ;-)

BTW - This blog could never have been written were it not for Summize - a great Twitter tool.


reddknight said...

Point well taken. I just commented (on Twitter) that their slogan should ask "What are you *not* doing (on Twitter)?"

Twitpitch (elevator pitch on Twitter) is just one of the latest ways in which Twitter is being used/co-opted.

Btw, also agree with the response to "rules". ;)

Lolagrrl said...

Thanks Reddknight! BTW - The more I check out PicoBuzz, the more I like it! Hahaha! I smell another TwitterBlog coming soon. Somebody stop me!! ;)

geoff said...

Then, the question would be, what is 2008's panel going to reflect.

My money is on "Fishbowl Key Party! Fishbowl Key Party!"

Love the blog, keep them shinolas shiny.