Friday, May 9, 2008

Wow... I've been a Marketer my whole life.

First off, so much for "Blog every week day month." Meh...

So, my Mom sends me this letter in the mail the other day.
Inside the letter is a note I wrote her when I was a little girl...

See, my brother and I were joined at the hip when we were little...

But we also could fight like cats and dogs and I guess that's where this note comes from...
Apparently, we must have pushed her to the brink one day and I'm guessing she went off on us so, in an effort to make amends, I wrote the following, in pencil on one o' those cheap paper pulp "Fun Books." The note (barely legible after 30 some-odd years) reads:

From my heart.
Mom + Dad, this is from my heart.
John and I haven't been the best of help and so we will dedicate July 2, to you.
We will help with chores and earns (SIC "errands" maybe?) and best of all... John and I will try not to fight for the rest of the week!!!!!!!!
We hope you enjoy this.
After I picked myself up off the floor from laughing hysterically, I took a good look at this note and realized that I've pretty much been a Marketer my whole life!

  • Take note: I did not tell her that we'd change our act or do more chores around the house for general purposes... Naw! I gave her one whole day instead!

  • Note how I build up the value of my offer with the words "best of all..." a statement that I use in certain points of copy to this day!

  • I also follow up my "best of all" statement with something that the customer (ie: Mom) would have gotten anyway - a blissful reprieve. However, note that the caveat is defined in realistic terms. I didn't tell her we'd never fight again. Even I knew that stating that would be an unrealistic claim that I could never deliver. This lends an air of truth to my entire claim.

  • But the crown jewel of the entire missive is, "We hope you enjoy this." Bwahahaha! Basically, I'm saying to her, "It's not gonna get any better so I hope you accept this."

Yup... a true marketer through and through! ;D

... I hope you enjoyed this.


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Fun blog you have going here, Lolagrrl. See you on the Island.